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Heat Pump Water Heater Services in the Columbia Valley

Your heat pump water heater can’t reach its full potential without the care of a professional. Heat pump water heaters require specialized service. The Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. B.C. professionals are here to provide this service for you. If you’re looking for heat pump water heater maintenance, installation, replacement, or even repair work, then we’re the specialists who can perform the work for you.

We’ve worked right here in the area since 2015. We’re proud to say that we’re local professionals who understand the needs of homeowners in the Columbia Valley. If you want quality service, then we’re more than happy to provide it for you. We can help you find the perfect unit for you and service it.

Contact us for heat pump water heater services. Shift Air Tests, Doesn't Guess!

Heat Pump Water Heater Installation

We’re going to help you install your home’s heat pump water heater. Heat pump water heaters are only going to reach their full service potential with the right backing. We’re here to provide this for you.

Heat Pump Water Heater Replacement

Replacing your water heater is easy with the help of our team members. We work with all the best brands available in Columbia Valley, provide the right assessment services, and install your new heat pump water heater. Contact us for service that’s comprehensive.

Heat Pump Water Heater Repair

Are you having trouble with your heat pump water heater? If this is the case, then you need to contact a professional as soon as possible. Heat pump water heaters are complex, and they’re specialized. This means that you need professional service as soon as possible. We’re here to provide quality work when you need it. We want to help you get the comfort you’re looking for.


Bradford White - AeroTherm® Series Heat Pump (RE)



The AeroTherm® utilizes both heat-pump technology [1] and back-up electric heating elements [2] to heat water. This integrated system helps to drive the AeroTherm’s economical and efficient operation. During heat pump operation, a fan [3] draws heat from the air into a compressor [4] and evaporator [5] to heat refrigerant. Once heated, the refrigerant travels through a coil [6] that fully surrounds the water storage tank. The AeroTherm® Series heat pump water heater provides considerable energy while greatly reducing the cost of water heating.


  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified
  • The AeroTherm® Series Control Panel
  • Operating Modes Offer Flexibility
  • Quiet Operation
  • Can Be Laid Down for Easier Transportation
  • Easily Accessible Top Mounted Washable Air Filter
  • Operating Air Temperature Range of 35-120°F for the Heat Pump
  • Backup Electric Heating Elements
  • Direct Heat Transfer with Immersed Elements
  • 2" Non-CFC Foam Insulation
  • Water Connections - ¾" NPT
  • Protective Magnesium Alloy Anode Rod
  • T&P Relief Valve
  • Low Restrictive Brass Drain Valve
  • Design Certified to NSF/ANSI 372 (Lead Content)
  • Northern Climate Tier 3 Capable
  • Optional Ducting Kit

AO Smith Voltex Hybrid Electric Heat Pumps

The Voltex® Hybrid Electric Heat Pump reduces water heating cost by up to 73% through an innovative design that pulls environmental heat while dehumidifying and cooling the ambient air at the same time.The HPTU-80N uses heat pump technology to deliver tremendous savings by generating heat through the heat pump technology instead of the heating elements. It offers premium features including a user-friendly display, vacation mode to save money while you are away, and a heavy duty anode that protects your tank for 10 years. In addition to the heat pump technology, this model also has two heating elements that help the water heater recover quickly during periods of high demand. This Heat Pump is Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) qualified.


  • ENERGY STAR® certified, reduces water heating costs up to 73% and provides payback in 2-3 years
  • With annual energy costs as low as 113 dollars and an estimated 306 dollars or more in annual savings, heating water is more efficient than ever
  • Saves an average 3,000 dollars over 10 years in standard projected operating expenses versus a comparable standard electric water heaters
  • Ideal hot water delivery for households with 3-4 people when sized appropriately
  • Two back-up 4,500-watt copper heating elements provide a first hour delivery of 46 gallons
  • Tall and slim 63-in H x 22-in diameter profile is designed for easier installation
  • Easy to use electronic interface allows you to change the temperature and select from 4 operating modes - efficiency, hybrid, electric, and vacation - for maximum efficiency and performance
  • Washable filter is also easy to access and clean, so you can prevent dust and grime from invading the heating system

John Wood ProLine® Master Electric Water Heaters


Manufactured with our exclusive TankSaver® technology, an exclusive innovation that impedes corrosion and extends tank life, residential electric water heaters from John Wood are manufactured with a glass-lined inner tank and side T&P openings for lower cost installation.


  • ProLine® and ProLine® Master models are residential water heaters with commercial-grade quality
  • Glass lining provides superior protection against tank corrosion
  • Top-mounted heavy duty anode rod for added tank protection
  • Styropour® base for added energy efficiency
  • Tamper-resistant drain valve
  • Thermostatically controlled long life heating elements
  • Easy to install and maintain
  • The exclusive TankSaver® design aids the glass lining process to ensure optimum coverage and guards tank openings for watertight connections
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