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Commercial Evaporative Coolers in Columbia Valley

If you’re looking for a different way to cool your business in Columbia Valley, you should consider an evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers are a great option if you’re looking to take your business down the eco-friendly route. We’re here to help you with this.

Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. B.C. is a full-service commercial HVAC provider. You don’t need to expect anything less than the best from our team members. If you’d like great commercial evaporative cooler services, then we’re here to provide these services for you.

Contact us for your commercial evaporative coolers. Shift Air Tests, Doesn't Guess!

What Is An Evaporative Cooler?

An evaporative cooler (often called a swamp cooler) is an alternative indoor cooling system. These systems aren’t refrigerant-based like standard systems. Instead, they cool the indoor temperature through the process of water evaporation. The fan draws in the air and lowers the temperature by passing it over a cool water-saturated pad.

Evaporative Cooler System Installation

Great evaporative cooler services start with the installation work. If you’re looking for great installation services, then we’re here to provide them for you. Your installation service is made easy with the help of our experts. We only want to with quality care.

Evaporative Cooler System Replacement

If you need to replace your evaporative cooler, then we’re here to perform the work for you. Evaporative cooler replacement is able to be efficient, affordable, and easy with us.

Evaporative Cooler System Repair

If you’ve noticed that your home’s evaporative cooler isn’t working well, then you need to schedule an appointment with our team members.

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