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Why Invest in an Electric Furnace?

Monday, November 1st, 2021

When homeowners think of investing in a furnace heating system, they are confronted usually by two choices—gas or electric. With oil furnaces on their way out, and natural gas furnace systems becoming incredibly efficient by every model invented, we sometimes see people steer more towards gas furnaces than electric systems. So, for anyone wondering why an electric furnace might still be a good choice, this blog post is for you!

Electric furnaces are still some of the most effective and affordable systems on the market. Depending on the HVAC services in Cranbrook and the cost of electricity, an electric furnace could actually be a better financial decision for your home than a gas one.

This decision depends on a wide array of factors that we’ll cover in this blog post. Just remember to call our team of professionals for a comfort consultation if you’d like to know exactly what system would be best for your home!

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