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Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


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What’s That Furnace Smell?

We want to be clear about one thing right off the bat—if your home is starting to smell offputting and you’ve pinpointed the source of the scent to your furnace, then you should call our team. While sometimes heaters can produce certain smells, these are very niche situations and the vast majority of the time a heater starts to smell, it’s usually because of something that’s gone wrong.

Our team specializes in furnace repair in Cranbrook, especially with furnaces that are starting to emit certain odors. These can point to gas leaks, leaking fumes like carbon monoxide, or the general disarray of a furnace that’s breaking down. This blog post is dedicated to evaluating some of the smells that a furnace can give off, what they mean, and why it’s so important that you pay attention to them.

Keep reading to learn more, and don’t forget to call us for any help you might need!

The Scent of the Season’s Beginning

First things first, let’s talk about one of the only scents that we might classify as acceptable coming from your furnace. The first time you turn it on for the season, you might notice the smell of burning dust coming from the system. Unlike the other scents we’ve mentioned down below, this one is actually quite normal and happens pretty much every season.

Think about it—your furnace has gathered dust from being out of commission for a whole season. When you turn it on, the temperature is going to increase dramatically, causing the dust on the interior components of the system to burn up.

Don’t worry, this scent only lasts for a few minutes. If it lasts longer (or if you think you’re smelling something different or worse), then don’t hesitate to call us for repairs.

Leaking Gas, Fumes, or Other Bad Signs

If you were to pull anything away from this blog post, it should be this: any other smell coming from your furnace is a bad omen. There are various different smells that can come from a gas furnace, but most of them signal a problem and even some signal a safety concern.

Leaking gas can be a cause for concern, so if you’re detecting the scent of rotten eggs, shut down your system and call for help.

Fumes and other exhaust molecules can be harder to detect, but if you start suffering from fatigue, dizziness, nausea, or other health-related concerns, then you might be suffering from carbon monoxide poisoning.

The Smell of an Overheating Furnace

Last but not least, a furnace can start to overheat. This can cause smoke and other exhaust fumes to expel from the system at an abundant rate and cause you to pick up on the smell. If you think your furnace is starting to smoke, or if it’s really struggling to run effectively, then you’re better off calling us before it breaks down entirely.

Make sure not to keep any materials within 2 feet of your furnace system to ensure that if it does overheat, it doesn’t become a fire hazard.

Contact Shift Air Mechanical B.C. for furnace repairs. Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess!

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