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Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


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Our AC Replacement Guide

This is a tough topic to talk about. Many homeowners would much rather choose to keep their ancient, 20-year old systems running no matter what anyone says. No matter what, we will always perform the services that you want us to, so we’ll never really tell a homeowner that their choice is wrong.

However, we owe it to you and the rest of our customers to be honest about how far a repair will go in a system that’s likely running its way into the ground. If a new system could potentially save you money in the long run, we’re going to be straightforward about this and tell you that you might need AC replacement in Columbia Valley.

Don’t worry, you won’t need to just take our word for it. We’ll give you the rundown on when AC replacement could be a great decision and compare costs between a quick fix and a replacement for the long term.

Investigate the Condition of Your System

Before you can decide on whether or not your system should be replaced or repaired, you need to investigate the condition of your system overall. Take a look at our list below and if any of these apply, then your unit might be ready for AC replacement.

  • The age of your air conditioner. The first and most important quality you should look at in your air conditioner is whether or not it is old. By old, we mean beyond the 10-15 year range of how long an air conditioner should last. At this point, all bets are off and your system might start running up your energy bill and breaking down every year. The components of your system simply aren’t built to last that long.
  • The frequency of repairs. If your air conditioner needs to be fixed every year, or even every two years, this is way too much and it is likely in need of replacement. Compare the cost and headaches associated with constant repairs to the one-and-done solution of a whole system replacement.
  • An expensive repair. If you’ve got an expensive repair job ahead of you, like a failed compressor that needs to be replaced, it might not be worth it. That huge, exorbitant cost might be wasted on a system that’s on its way out.
  • An old refrigerant type. At the start of 2020, R-22 refrigerant was completely phased out of production. This means that any air conditioners still using the refrigerant might run into an extremely expensive repair cost. The cost alone to recharge an R-22 using air conditioner could exceed a quarter of the cost of a new system, so it might be time to replace it.
  • It doesn’t keep you comfortable. Your air conditioner should keep your home cool and comfortable. If it doesn’t there might not be a repair that can make it do this. A replacement, however, can ensure you get the right system set up for your home.

For More Information, Call Us

Repairs might be what you need, but the best way you’ll be able to know for certain is if you call our team. We can diagnose the problem in your system and give you a recommendation as to whether or not your system is ready to be replaced.

Call Shift Air Mechanical B.C. for effective replacement services. Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess!

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