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Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


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Nope, It’s Not Too Late for Maintenance

As you might know, the ideal time for you to schedule an appointment for maintenance concerning your air conditioner is in spring. When the flowers start to bloom, you should start picking up your phone or heading over to your computer to schedule an appointment for your air conditioner. This is because prevention is the name of the game when it comes to air conditioning service. You want to get ahead of whatever is coming your way and stop it in its tracks before it can even become a problem.

Now, all that being said, it’s not too late for you to schedule a maintenance appointment in British Columbia, BC. We know you’re a little behind the curve here, but we’re here to help you bridge that divide and catch up!

“Why Do I Need Maintenance?”

This is a question we hear a lot on our team—especially during this time of the year. We get it. We’re already a couple of weeks into summer and we’re sure that you’ve had to use your air conditioner at least once or twice… so why should you be so concerned about air conditioning maintenance now? Well, for starters, you need to know that while your air conditioner may seem fine, it probably isn’t.

In reality, you don’t have x-ray vision, so while things may seem fine on the surface, that doesn’t mean that a problem won’t arise later on as you’re running your air conditioner. This would be a worst-case scenario. Really take a moment to think about it—imagine that you’re sitting in your home in August and it’s hotter than hot outside. Your home is quite chilly due to the efficacy of your air conditioner and you’re grateful for this. You’re able to relax inside a comfortable home. All of a sudden, there’s a loud banging noise and your AC stops working… now what?

What’s happened is that an urgent air conditioning repair need has blindsided you. This is unfortunate, but a quick call to an air conditioning professional can alleviate this for you. What’s even better is this situation being nipped in the bud months prior because you had an air conditioning professional come out to your home, spot the problem you were having a mile away, and fix it all before it could even become the slightest nuisance in your home.

We Can Do This For You

If you’re wondering where you can find a great technician to perform your air conditioning services, you can find them right here on our team. We know that it’s not always so easy to get the quality work you’re looking for in British Columbia. Yes, we have quite a few HVAC contractors in our area, but they’re not all reputable. It can feel like an endless search to sift through the seemingly limitless options. Our team stands out from the rest because we stand on our integrity. If you need great work, we’re here to give it to you.

Contact Shift Air Mechanical Ltd. And get the maintenance services that you’re looking for. Shift Air Tests, Don’t Guess!

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