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Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


Serving Invermere and the Columbia Valley


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5 Things to Remember About Springtime AC

Now that temperatures are finally on the rise and we’re spending more time outdoors, it’s nice to take a breath of fresh air. You made it through the winter, even with all of your heater problems, you’re finally in the clear!

However, if you’re a proactive homeowner, this might not be good enough for you. You want to see everything that’s coming down the line, and you know just as well as any that your air conditioner is going to be heavily used in just a couple of months. So, it’s important to take care of AC problems before they crop up on the hottest days of the year, right?

Today, we’re going to cover the benefits of AC maintenance in Canal Flats, BC, as well as why getting your system repaired now is always better than in the middle of summer. Dust off your AC and let’s get to work!

Don’t Make the Same Mistakes

An important aspect of spring maintenance is determining what went wrong last year and making sure you don’t make the same mistakes again. If you skipped maintenance, for instance, now is the time to schedule that appointment regardless of the quality you think your system is in. Likewise, it’s time to remember what problems were causing you trouble and deal with them before the hot temperatures arrive.

  • Schedule maintenance. The first and most important thing you can do for your air conditioner is to schedule a maintenance appointment. Our certified and licensed professionals will always address any problems we notice, lubricate parts that are suffering from wear and tear, and make minor adjustments to ensure maximum efficiency and comfort.
  • Get your system fixed. That problem you were dealing with last year didn’t just magically disappear. If you think for a second that you’ll be able to run your air conditioner without it making a noise, running up the bill, or providing lukewarm temperatures like it did last year, then you’re mistaken. Why not have your system repaired before you start working it to the bone on the hottest days of the year?
  • Clean up around your AC. It’s time for spring cleaning! It’s a good idea to clean around your outside air conditioner cabinet, as well as around the vents in your home and the ductwork in your basement or crawl spaces. Don’t clean inside any of the equipment or ducts, just around them so that you can remove as much dust and clutter as possible.
  • Compare energy bills. Spring is a great time to compare your previous year energy bills. If you notice a spike that occurred at the end of last year, then that’s a good sign you’ll need AC help going forward.
  • Think about replacement. You might have a long list of problems with your air conditioner that’s starting to stress you out. If this is the case, maintenance or repairs might not cut it this time. Why not call us for expert advice and see if a full system replacement is the best long-term solution for you?

Call Shift Air Mechanical B.C. for any and all AC work you need. Shift Air tests, doesn’t guess!

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